2021 Spring Pork Sale

Stock up with our farm's best pricing of the year on pasture-raised Wisconsin Pork

The 2021 Event is CLOSED:

How is our Pastured Pork Different?

  • Our pigs are allowed to live like a pig and build nests for their piglets, be outside in the sun and fresh air, have an extremely diverse diet, live low-stress and end up full of fat, flavor and nutrition. 
  • Our community is enhanced since our pigs directly support other small family businesses, help maintain a healthy ecosystem on the farm, and, of course, contribute to a healthier YOU!
  • We add no weird stuff like antibiotics while they are alive, or while they are at the butcher.
  • We nurture our pigs to grow slowly for about 9 months to develop flavor & nutrition, not the factory farm method of faster & flavorless in only 5. - 6.5 months.
  • Since our pigs have time, space and opportunity to develop muscles and fat, we don't have to add any chemicals to trick your brain that it's good meat, (think msg and artificial flavorings and colorings) it's just naturally there.

What Our Customers Say!!

I really enjoy ordering meats from Together Farms. Love that the animals are treated so well. I have been a customer for 4+ years. Our favorites are the breakfast sausage, brats and sugar free bacon. We live in MN so we always use the delivery option. So happy to be able to have healthy meats delivered from a farm and family I trust the quality. I would highly recommend Together Farms! Thank You!
Kristine F. Kristine F.
I’ve been ordering from togetherfarms for years now. They are great people that produce some really great quality products. They are doing things right. I highly recommend giving them a shot, you won’t be disappointed.
Ted J. Ted J.
Together Farms is doing so many things right - producing quality products by raising beef, pork and lamb in a healthy environment, without hormones, antibiotics and stressful living conditions. I have visited this farm several times and see the effort that goes into raising animals in a humane, natural setting. My husband and I recommend Together Farms highly - give them a try and you won't be disappointed.
Sue F. Sue F.

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