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Join us on the farm for our annual Work Party April 15 or 22!
Farm Tour: Sun May 28th

Farm Tour: Sun May 28th

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  • Please check in at the bar when you arrive.

Children 5 and under are FREE and do not need a ticket, because they may have to sit on a lap if the wagon gets too full. 

What is the farm tour? 

We will start the tour at the bar (like any good tour) and give a brief history of our family and how we got here, we will discuss everything we can see from the Burger Night area like the pigs, dogs, permaculture work, and the vision for where we are going with all of these things, we will then load up on the wagon to go to our adjacent property with our cattle which is a great demonstration of regenerative agriculture at work. We will discuss comparisons between the different types of agriculture, as well as marketing deceptions (blessed by our government) that you should know about if you care about where your food is coming from, you'll get to see everything we do, how we do it and why we do it. 

Tours start at 2pm every last Sat & Sun of the month.

Leave your hazmat suit at home but bring the camera! 

Did you know that it's actually illegal to take pictures of factory "farms", assuming anyone would even let you in? Not here! We want you to see what we are doing and to talk about it with your friends. Our animals also have immune systems that are functioning so it's okay if you visit without wearing your hazmat suit or going through crazy bio-security measures. 

But, in all seriousness, we love to be able to share with our community that it is possible to do 100% grassfed beef here in the beautiful driftless area of Wisconsin and pigs can thrive in our oak-dominated landscapes (as can we personally!). 

So if you would like to check out what we are doing, we would love to share it with you! Please save your seat! Last minute is fine, so long as there are tickets available. 

Tours tend to last 1 - 1.5 hours, depending on who is along and what questions get asked. 

Rain or shine, so dress or prepare appropriately for your own comfort.

There are stairs to get up on the wagon, but generally, there are a lot of strong people around to help if someone needs to be lifted up or assisted. The dogs also join us on the wagon. Dogs will come on the wagon too.


No weird stuff, only weird people!

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