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Burger Night Week 8: Honey tasting, Meet the Maker, trivia, music & all things bees sale!

written by

Amanda Polden

posted on

June 18, 2024

Burger Night is open, rain or shine

Thursday & Friday 4pm-9-ishpm

Saturday noon-9ishpm

Sunday noon-7ishpm

The Farm Store is open the same hours AND Monday & Tuesday 10am-2pm

We’re celebrating Pollinator Week at Burger Night! Pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies create healthy ecosystems for wildlife as well as improve the soil where our food grows.

In the US alone, pollinators help produce almost $20 billion worth of products every year (but I think we can all agree their work is priceless).

Keep in mind that not all pollinators are overtly beautiful. For example:

  • Ants pollinate peonies
  • Wasps pollinate figs
  • Beetles pollinate magnolias &
  • Mosquitoes pollinate orchids!

(We also welcome our bat friends, another unusual pollinator, and swallow friends to keep those mosquitos at bay!)

We’re all about creating welcoming spaces for our pollinator friends whether they “fly by night” or spread their beautiful wings by day or here at our diverse regenerative farm.

Our strength lies in diversity (nutrient-dense meat and resilient farms are created this way)...

AND the same is true with our little community, which is why we are so happy to support our fellow farmers and local producers!

In addition to all our winged friends mentioned above, look at who and what else will "bee" at Together Farms this weekend:

Burger of the Week: The Beez Kneez

  • 100% grassfed, hand pattied beef patty
  • pear, honey & ginger compote from Quince & Apple
  • melted brie
  • ginger-infused Kaiserson honey drizzle 🍯
  • Applewood smoked, no-weird-stuff bacon
  • a toasted brioche bun to hold all that sweet & salty deliciousness together
This Burger of the Week is the Beez Kneez! (Also, anyone else need a metaphorical brioche bun in their life 🤣)

Thursday, June 20 - Summer Solstice!

“Celebrate” the longest day of the year with 20% off the Beez Kneez burger

(I don’t celebrate this day because I LOVE the long days and I know what this day means: darkness is coming… along with some other things that shall not be named.)

Trivia, 7-8pm: Banned Books, Movie Car Chases, SNL Actors, Rock Ballads, TV Theme Songs & Cocktails

A super fun game with a bunch of themes inside one game! Includes a picture round, audio round, and more! Bring your friends!

Friday, June 21

Honey Tasting with Drew of Kaiserson Bee Company, 5-8pm

Kaiserson specializes in small-batch, single-origin honeys from the Chippewa Valley. By taking small harvests frequently throughout the season and jarring them by location, they can highlight a place and time as told by floral nectars.

Last season they harvested 30 unique batches from 12 locations both in the city of Eau Claire and the surrounding countryside.

Join them to taste a small selection of their harvests and be a part of a discussion on the importance of pollinators in our world.

LIVE MUSIC from Glen Everhart, 6-9pm

“Reinventing the Art of Live Acoustic Performance”

Glen Everhart is nationally known for his voice, guitar skills, and guitar loop covers of the most popular acoustic songs from the 70s to the present.

After 3000 performances in 33 states and 4 countries, he is a seasoned pro who doesn’t just sing and play songs, he entertains. Actively engaging his audience from the time he walks on stage until he leaves, he’s the perfect musician for all ranges and ages of audience.

Musician Glen Everhart

Saturday, June 22

LIVE MUSIC from Blaine & Leah, 5:30pm-8:30pm

Blaine and Leah Howard are an acoustic duo from Fairchild, Wisconsin who play a harmonious blend of Americana, folk, pop, and rock.

The duo’s set includes award-winning originals and an eclectic mix of covers spanning six decades of pop, country, rock, and folk. They share creative versions of songs by artists like John Denver, Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Van Morrison, Indigo Girls, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Gillian Welch, and Chris Stapleton.

Musicians Blaine & Leah

Sunday, June 23

Family Day! Buy one get one FREE kids meals all day! (12 & under, dine-in only)


All weekend, save 10% on all bee-related products in the Farm Store (honey, wax, books, candles, lotion, shirts, mead-making kits, and more!)

Burger Night does NOT accept reservations, dogs, or outside alcohol.

Our Picture Contest is in full swing, and we’ve been getting some fantastic submissions!

Post your Burger Night pics on Facebook or Instagram and tag us (@TogetherFarms). Every two weeks we’ll choose a winner to receive a $50 Together Farms gift card!

Next winner will be announced Tuesday, July 2. It could be YOU, so let’s see those pics!

When you come out be sure to enjoy a slow stroll past the steep hillside prairie by the garage to notice all the different flying pollinators, flowers, and other cool stuff hiding in plain sight.

For updates about events sent right to your phone, text Burger Night to 715-200-8333. Keep up with live music cancellations, weather disruptions, and other last-minute adjustments to Burger Night!

For text updates about the farm, Farm Store & products, text Together Farms to 715-200-8333.

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