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Stay with Us

Together Farms is a regenerative farm, meaning we are working to improve our land, community and personal health via happy animals and healthy soil. Our farm is built on relationships. We build community and nurture relationships through on-farm events like Burger Night. Being able to open our farm up to people to stay with us and camp, allows us to build an even deeper connection and gives people the chance to connect with our land in a way they never could before. Scroll down for more information about camping and RVs.

Connect to Nature

It really is beautiful here. Now campers can enjoy the smells, sights, and sounds of the early morning and the late nights, including the pink sunsets, the brilliant sunrise, and the owls at night. You’ll get to see the animals graze on lush pasture; watch the birds and butterflies do their daily dances; listen to the symphony of frogs in the spring; and eat berries at their peak after they've been warmed by the sun.

These are all things that cannot be captured by any of our technological devices, but can only be thoroughly appreciated in person by your own senses and at a slower pace than we are usually accustomed. So when you are ready to disconnect, in order to reconnect, we'll be here.



Our campsites are beautiful and completely surrounded by nature, so they are all rustic and require anywhere from an easy 5-minute walk to climbing a fence ladder over a steep hill. Keep in mind the trail to the campground might not be mowed, there is no motorized access, and all camping gear has to be carried in on foot.

Each site is marked with a number and has a campfire ring, wood, and outdoor privy. Potable water is available at the farmstead. Fires are not allowed during periods of High wildfire risk. We also have a farm store with all of our products available for purchase (meats, soap, sweatshirts, etc).

We host Burger Nights at the main farm area weekly from May-October, including live music, a restaurant using meat from our farm, and a bar featuring local beer and wine. Note that live music can be heard the loudest at Sites 1, 2 and 6. It’s usually done by 10pm in the summer, and much earlier in the spring and fall.

Campsite 1: Wooded Wandering

Site 1 is about a 10 minute walk in, wandering through the woods. You are close to everything but will feel secluded, and can't be seen by others. This site and Monkey Tree have the closest access to the main farm area.

Campsite 2: Wooded & High

Site 2 is a fully wooded site on top of the first ridge of the property offering complete privacy. It is a shorter walk than Site 1, but it's up a steep hill and there's a fence ladder to climb.

Campsite 3: Pastures Edge

Site 3 is about halfway back, taking about 15 minutes and a few hills, to get there. It is on the south side of our ridge so noises from the main farmstead will be quieter and it will feel much more secluded. It is in a grassy area with apple trees on the edge of the main pasture and the edge of the woods.

Campsite 4: Furthest & Fanciest

Site 4 is the furthest of all the sites, just a 15 minute walk over hills until you get to the back of the 60 acres where a beautiful and secluded grassy tent area awaits. You will have gorgeous views, the perfect spot for a fire, and a totally enclosed outhouse. The sunrise will be beautiful.

Campsite 5: Sunrises & Seclusion

Site 5 is for morning people. If you love watching the sunrise from your own little slice of heaven, then this is the site for you! About a 15 minute walk in, you are positioned where a beautiful grassy tent area awaits on the forest edge. You will have gorgeous views, the perfect spot to watch wildlife and hopefully catch a beautiful sunrise.

Campsite 6: Monkey Tree

Site 6 is a short and easy walk from the main farm. It is named after the funny growing tree at the site that is perfect for kids to climb all over....like little monkeys! This is also where a natural wet spot always is - so lots of wildlife come to visit here and there's lots of amphibians and diverse plants. It's always a little cooler in this spot too so it's a good one for hot summer days or if you have kids! Note that you can see people at the farm from this spot (and they can see you), but at a considerable distance.

Had a wonderful camping experience at Together Farms! Our hosts were welcoming and helpful, the site was gorgeous and very private. — Nina K.

More of an RV person than a tent person?

Together Farms is a Harvest Host location! To become a member or to learn more on how to access this opportunity visit Harvest Hosts. If you decided to join, ask us about our coupon code so you can save 15%.

Please note we do not have hook-ups and this is not open to the public.

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