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Lead Kitchen Cook


Job Description

Together Farms is looking for a lead cook to take on Burger Night 2021. We expect an amazing year and are looking for someone we can count on to make sure the kitchen not only steps up to the challenge but dominates.


• $500 year-end bonus for not missing any scheduled days

• $250 year-end bonus for meeting staff costs

• $250 year-end bonus for no (valid) negative food reviews

• Retirement fund with 3% match from us (you keep this even if you leave)

• Weekly budget for rewarding kitchen staff for exceeding expectations and for completing cleanliness checklist

• Rarely do we work past midnight and no early mornings

• No stainless steel dungeon, our kitchen is full of windows and natural sunlight.

• Regular pats on the back from customers that “it was the best burger of their life” and “I had no idea grassfed beef could taste so good”.

• The satisfaction of feeding your community by keeping a small, family farm going

Responsibilities include:

• Set up workstations with all needed ingredients and cooking equipment before we open

• Efficiently prepare ingredients (vegetables, meat, sauces, etc.)

• Cook food using various methods to maintain high quality

• Ensure food presentation meets standards before being served

• Keep a sanitized and orderly environment in the kitchen, walk-in, storage spaces

• Ensure all food and other items are stored and properly maintained

• Monitor stock and place orders weekly

• Kitchen staff schedule updated as needed

• Keep food waste to a minimum, practice FIFO

• Reward team members for exceeding expectations (you’ll have a weekly budget)

• Daily check-in with the owners to solve problems before they become problems

• Meet food and staff cost benchmarks

• Kitchen crew maintains weekly cleanliness checklists (weekly staff bonus)

• Pass health inspections

The ideal candidate is:

• Dependable, not only to the business but to the crew

• Passionate about happy guests

• Able to stay calm and confident under pressure

• A dedicated leader that the crew is happy to follow

• Creative with both food and solutions

• Meticulous with cleanliness and sanitation

• Able to set a positive attitude for the crew

• Able to work independently and with a team

• Humble to accept mistakes and persistent to move forward

• Efficient with time & resources, acting in the best interest of the business and its guests

This position will start ASAP with flexible hours to assist with: setting the menu, setting weekly specials, hiring additional staff, training and cleaning/organizing for your best workflow and efficiency.

Burger Night is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from April 29th – Oct 2nd. We open at 4pm on Thursdays and Fridays and noon on Saturdays.

This position is seasonal, however, our monthly Meal Kit subscription is growing and has the potential to grow more. If you are interested in year-round work, please let us know. These hours are extremely flexible.

If you have questions please contact us or call/text: 715-210-4740.

To apply, please fill out the application.

Wine Night & Beer Dinner Chefs

In addition to Burger Night we need chefs for our Wine Nights (every 2nd and 4th Wednesday) and our Beer Nights (typically one a month on a Sunday). These are typically 4 course meals and the kitchen is paid as a percentage of ticket sales (highest paid to a chef in 2020 was $600, does not include food costs). If you're interested in cooking for one of these dinners please contact us or call/text: 715-210-4740.

Line Cook

Pay based on experience. Duties are typical of a busy burger restaurant. If you have questions please contact us or call/text: 715-210-4740. To apply, please fill out the application.

Want to help but you don't see what you're looking for? Contact us and let us know what you're thinking!

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Interested In Volunteering or Interning?

The farm always needs help too! If you’re interested in helping with any aspects of the farm, from animals to marketing, we could use your help! Unfortunately, this currently only pays in experience and money saved once you start your own operation; however, we will soon be hiring a farm manager so this could be the perfect way to show us you are the best fit for the job! To apply, contact us!

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