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American Grassfed Approved

Third party verification that we are only feeding grass and hay - no grain ever!! 100% grassfed. http://www.americangrassfed.org/about-us/our-standards/
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100% Grassfed (No Grain Ever!)

During the summer our beef and lamb graze our lush pastures full of grasses, legumes and clovers; but, they can't eat it fast enough, so that extra "salad" is made into dry hay that they then eat in the winter. We also add Apple Cider Vinegar to their water to improve their digestion and increase the mineral content of their meat in addition to the high quality salt and minerals they also receive to keep them as healthy as possible so you can be too! 

There are a lot of marketing gimmicks being used by corporations and other producers that don't have the time or interest in taking the steps necessary to raise health-promoting and exceptional 100% grassfed beef and lamb. We want to be as clear as possible and to use simple, easy to understand terms: NO GRAIN EVER! 100% Grassfed. If you don't see that on your labels, assume they are being fed grain. You should know that many millions are being spent to deliberately create confusion, don't feel bad....or confused....just know your farmer!!!!

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No Hormones or Steroids

Hormones and steroids are never administered to our animals. If they eat it, you eat it. Adding hormones (designed to speed up growth) to our bodies or to the developing bodies of children is wreaking havoc that is only just being studied and understood (by the general public). This is why groups like Weston A. Price have campaigns to get soy (and the estrogen hormones it brings with it) out of formula. http://www.westonaprice.org/so...

Note that the FDA does not allow the use hormones or antibotics in the production of pork or poultry.

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Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics*

*Our natural production practices eliminates the need for sub therapeutic (daily fed low level dose) medications that are commonly used in confinement production systems. However, in certain cases to prevent animals from death or suffering we do allow for limited use of therapeutic (spot treatment) medication. In such cases, the treated animals are taken out of the supply offered on the website or to the general public. We feel that this exception is only practical to ensure wise stewardship practices and ethical treatment of our livestock.

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Pasture-Raised, No Cages

The animals are raised in open pastures and fields. Pigs are allowed to forage for nuts, berries, herbs, roots, bugs, etc and are never confined to crates. Pigs are allowed access to private indoor "maternity suites" in the winter but these are very large areas and they are always able to move freely and build their nests where they see fit. Note that pigs only contain vitamin D if they are actually out in the sun. The cattle and sheep are on pasture 100% of the time.

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GFS: Essential Oils Only

These soaps contain ONLY natural additives and/or essential oils.

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