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Tenderloin Steak, Regular Cut

Tenderloin Steak, Regular Cut

These tenderloin steaks are cut about 3/4" thick. Two steaks per package. 

You can prepare it raw, if you're into that, which is the most pure preparation. If you'd like to cook it, we recommend medium-rare to medium temperature. Season to liking and sear in a medium-high pan, transfer to cooking rack and dab butter on top. Cook in a 475ºF oven until just under 140ºF (15-20 min). Let rest ten minutes before slicing and enjoying your tenderloin! (I know it'll be hard waiting while the yummy smells waft through your kitchen!)

American Grassfed Approved, Certified Naturally Grown, British White Park Beef offer you another tender cut from the.. you guessed it... the tenderloin portion of the cow. There is only one tenderloin, or eye filet, in each cow. This muscle sits beneath the ribs, next to the backbone. The tenderloin does almost no work - resulting in the most tender cut of beef.

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