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Bundle of the Month!

Bundle of the Month!

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Save money & time with our very popular Bundle of the Month! Even includes FREE recipe cards because eating well shouldn't be stressful and can be easy. Meat that heals you + weekly home delivery + recipes + even deeper savings via a subscription = Your best decision today!

The June Bundle of the Month is another very versatile collection of some of our best selling items and for the first time ever includes Wild Alaska fish!!

This bundle is sure to help you eat good food well and easily so you can spend more time enjoying the fleeting Wisconsin summer (because you're so busy doing super fun things like Burger Night!).  

Included Meat:

  • 2 pieces Salmon
  • 2 pieces Cod
  • 1 lb brat patties
  • 1 lb chorizo
  • 1 lb pork fajita strips
  • ~1.5 lbs of pork chops
  • 1 lb pork brats

Total: ~37 | 4 oz servings

Included Recipes:

  • Grilled Salmon Tacos
  • German Potato Salad
  • Chorizo Meatballs
  • Pork Fajitas with a Pear Twist
  • Ranch Pork Chops & Potatoes Sheet Pan Dinner
  • Above-Average Beer Brats

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All of our beef is 100% grass-fed AND finished enjoying a life of grazing our diverse pastures, our pigs enjoy unlimited access to oak savannah pastures, non-GMO feed and cozy shelters and all our animals enjoy high-quality minerals and apple cider vinegar so they are healthy and vigorous - living life to their fullest without the need for antibiotics, steroids or added growth hormones. Our butchering is certified humane with Animal Welfare Approved and is done the old-fashioned way with real smoking and no chemicals, preservatives or unpronounceable ingredients (no weird stuff!). Just good, simple food for a nourishing & wholesome meal you can enjoy in every possible way. Thanks for supporting a small farm making a big difference!

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