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Bundle of the Month!

Bundle of the Month!

Using summer's bounty!
Fresh & fast summer food!
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August's Bundle-o-the-Month is designed for fresh, summer ingredients (but also without hours of prep). Fresh & fast! Like Julia says: "You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients."

BONUS: Fast & Easy Recipes included!

Featured Meat:

  • 1 (~1 lb) Beef Kabob Meat
  • 1 (~1 lb) Steak Bites (new!)
  • 1 (~1 lb) Ground Beef
  • 4 (~8 oz) Pork Chops
  • 8 (~4 oz) Brat Patties
  • 1 (0.8 lb) Ground Lamb

Total: 32+ | 4 oz servings

Included Recipes:

  • Beef Kabob Meat: Classic Beef Kabobs
  • Steak Bites: Garlicky Steak Bites
  • Ground Beef: Stuffed Bell Peppers (keto)
  • Pork Chops: Chops w Garlic & Grigio
  • Brat Patties: no recipe just make brat burgers or breakfast sammies! Includes 2 packages so you can make both or double up the meat.
  • Ground Lamb: Lamb Larb Salad (or make lamb burgers!)

With some fun new recipes you are sure to have fun experimenting with new flavors and you may even get to add some new meals to your repertoire!

All of our beef is 100% grass-fed AND finished enjoying a life of grazing our diverse pastures, our pigs enjoy unlimited access to oak savannah pastures, non-GMO feed and cozy shelters and all our animals enjoy high quality minerals and apple cider vinegar so they are healthy and vigorous - living life to their fullest without the need for antibiotics, steroids or added growth hormones. Our butchering is certified humane with Animal Welfare Approved and is done the old-fashioned way with real smoking and no chemicals, preservatives or unpronounceable ingredients (no weird stuff!). Just good, simple food for a nourishing & wholesome meal you can enjoy in every possible way. Thanks for supporting a small farm making a big difference!

Check back every month to see our best deal at a great price!

Subscription Option: if you add the Bundle of the Month to your repeating subscription order it will be a different bundle each month, not this same exact one repeating. (A GREAT option if you love variety and "setting it and forgetting it".)

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