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Honey (22 oz)

Honey (22 oz)

Raw honey coming from Bee Alchemy, who brings hives to our farm during the summer. Raw honey is not pasteurized or filtered so it naturally contains royal jelly, bee pollen and beeswax: this means it is naturally solid at room temperature but only needs to be lightly headed to become a liquid again.Raw, never heated. To liquify, remove lid and slowly heat in a water bath. Floral sources include: Clover, Basswood, Dandelion, Locust, Milkweed, and many others!

Bee ware fake honey! Just like fake labels on 100% grassfed beef, real honey is often impersonated as well. To test if you have real or fake honey, put a teaspoon of the honey in a glass of water. If it dissolves it is fake or adulterated; if it falls to the bottom and lumps it is real honey.  And no, this test does not work with beef.

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