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Lamb Soup Bones

Lamb Soup Bones

$6.50 /lb.
Avg. 2.5 lb.

"Our big box ‘o meat arrived right on time and we’ve been having fun with it. First up, we made a big batch of good bone broth. I’ve been having some digestive issues and started sipping some every day. At a chef friend’s recommendation, we made the broth without salt or pepper (but with beef, lamb, and pork bones and some basic veggies). I heat some up and add a ginger teabag everyday to sip. Sounded weird at first but it’s actually yummy and very satisfying. My digestion issues took a turn for the better almost immediately.

And of course we’re enjoying the meat as well! We’re looking forward to a return visit to Together Farms later this spring/summer as Harvest Host-ers, and an opportunity to pick up more goodies as well as enjoy a Burger Night....." - Jan

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