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Just a few miles down the road from Together Farms! 

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Hello, I’m Tony D. I started Sacred Blossom to farm for health. My Health, Your Health and the Health of the Planet. In spring 2022 I hired my first full time help, Joe and I also get help from a wonderful world of mentors and neighbors, sporadic volunteers, my landlords and friends. My favorite role is growing the herbs that go into Sacred Blossom teas but you’ll find me doing everything from package design to packaging teas. Sending emails to sorting seeds.

Born in California, I went to highschool in Costa Rica then business school in Argentina. I dropped out to start a horse tour company and run a beachfront restaurant in Uruguay. Then I became a barefooted global nomad, of course.

At 22 I met Farmer Paul, a then 70 year old, life long student of health; soil, plant, animal and spiritual. He taught me so much and had a tremendous impact on my path. I learned under Paul for six growing seasons (nomading during Minnesota’s long winters) then went on a two year long farm tour, culminating in working on an industrial-scale herb farm.

I started Sacred Blossom in spring 2016 on rented land at Crazy Rooster Farm. I was blessed to find this beautiful farm in a community with many small-scale organic farms.

We are growing herbs on about 20 acres and our herbal teas can be found and most every grocery coop and WholeFoods location in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Sacred Blossom Farm / Crazy Rooster Farm and Amish Telephone Booth is located in the beautiful driftless region of western Wisconsin near the town of Gilmanton. Due to chronic understaffing, we are only open to the public during our annual open house. Sign up for our mailing list to find out when.

Cutting The Best

Small, local farm production allows us to harvest herbs by hand and at the perfect time. Efficiently but with respect for the plants and their end use as the best herbal tea. Imperfect herbs and stems go to the compost pile. We reject herbs other farms would grind and put in your tea bag.

Drying and De-stemming with Care

We learned a lot from looking at herb farms around the world. Including how not to handle herbs. We have seen them dried in the sun, like hay. Or blasted with hot air. Then run through huge machines which grind and pulverize the plants.

We chose instead to follow a more sacred process. We dry each variety slowly, at just the right temperature, to dry-in freshness and potency. We have custom built, human-scale machines which allow us to de-stem and cut herbs with the highest level of artisan quality.

Low-input, Sustainable, Innovative Farming

I didn’t start farming to get rich but to follow a dream of living and working in harmony with nature. Sustainable is so difficult in the modern age with easy access to tractor power and soil consultants recommending adding tons of amendments to the acre. We try to minimize inputs, tractor usage and packaging.

In the fields we are developing innovative polyculture systems, inter-seeding strategies, small scale weeding tools, using minimum tillage, intensive cover cropping maintained by animals, long term sequential no-till plantings, pig tillage, soil health and fertility strategies a-la Dr. Elaine Ingham and Gabe Brown, and so much more. What can we say… its our passion. And our herbs are dried largely with solar power too.

Sacred Blossom Farm
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