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Why Coffee Roasting: Stephanie is the manager and co owner at the Scatterbrain Cafe in Downsville. A small family owned cafe. Their long time coffee roaster and friend John Eager from Highland Hollow Coffee & Tea Co had decided to retire and sell his coffee roasting business. Though they were sad at the thought of no longer seeing John every Thursday morning with fresh roasted coffee in hand, they were excited at the thought of roasting their own coffee. So Stephanie approached Christian about the idea of buying John's business and the deal was made shortly after.  

What will change: The only thing that will change is the name/branding and location. John has built a great following and premium & consistent coffee with many years of experience behind him. He has agreed to train Christian how to do the same and operate their 100 year old Cast Iron Royal # 5 Coffee Roaster. This roaster provides an unmatchable flavor. That along with John's experience we know we will be able to provide our customers with the best possible coffee.

Why the name change: This is our first business and we are excited to make it our own!  Christian is a self proclaimed SCATTERBRAIN. With his many roles as husband, dad, son, brewer, homeowner, dog owner etc it is hard to have a consistent train of thought. But what Christian lacks in focus he makes up with in smarts, creativity, and humor. You will get to see this first hand in our branding. Christian is also a technician and has spent the last 8 years refining his craft as a brewer and is currently the head brewer at Lucette Brewing Company in Menomonie WI.  

Our Mission: The most important thing to us is producing the same controlled and consistent premium Organic coffee that our customers can count on for excellent quality and flavor. What you can also count on is our Customer Service! Our customers are our neighbors, friends, and family. We want to know you and get to know you.

Scatterbrain Coffee Co
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