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Annual Spring Work Party @ TF!

March 30, 2021

We could use some help getting the farm presentable for the summer! We'll feed you, quench your thirst and probably love on you a little. ❤

Free camping if you help out too!

In 2020 we had to cancel our work party because of covid, hence the pictures of only our daughters, so they also remain hopeful we don't have to cancel again; and in 2019 we had a turnout that exceeded expectations! It's so heart-warming that people want to help.

So, whaddya think? Could you come help again?

It's not grueling work, here's what's currently on the list:

  • assembling more kid & adult picnic tables (msg us to see if you should bring tools)
  • clean out the kids play area & make any needed repairs
  • hang fans in the pavilion
  • raking (we have some but bring one please)
  • directional road signs out
  • paint the people moving wagon we use on farm tours
  • put in a second horseshoe pit
  • finish the trails
  • finish campsite marking & get them camper-ready
  • brush the dogs! The dogs miss seeing you too you know. 
  • help make the farm store super cute
  • check for burnt out bulbs and fix up the strands of lights
  • put solar lanterns back out
  • stack wood for the fire pit & campsites
  • test run equipment, walkie talkies, the flow of things
  • stain/paint
  • assemble wooden adirondack chairs so they don't blow into the fire pit anymore
  • help clean and test bar equipment

See? All pretty easy stuff! We can work as fast or as slow as we want. Did I mention the free food and drink?!

We'll be starting by 9 am but we'll be work-partying all day so just pop-in whenever you can!

Rain (blizzard?) date will be the following weekend, Saturday April 17th.

2021 is going to be an amazing season, thanks so much for all of your support, as I tell you all the time, we couldn't do any of this without you.....we're all in this together! 

Stephanie Schneider

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