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🏆 Best Of award results are in! Thank you!! ❤

February 10, 2022

Wow!! We put everything we have into this place and are beyond grateful by the community's love & support for all we do. We could hardly believe the results for Volume One's Best Of voting but the people have spoken:

We'll start with the best one of all:

#1 Best Shop Pet to Mister Fluffypants!! 🥳

#1 Best Organic Farm (wow)

#1 Best CSA (meal kits for the win!)

#2 Best French Fries (so good)

#2 Best Food Event

#2 Best Restaurant for Outdoor Dining

#3 Best Family Entertainment Business


Truly honoring and humbling.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving our farm and taking time to show it.

Puts a little more wind our sails to make 2022 EVEN BETTER!!! I better get to work.....

Stephanie Schneider

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Feb 9th, 2022

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Feb 3rd, 2022

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Jan 30th, 2022
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