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🦴 Bone Sale! Broth recipe + the TF fam is eating clean!

January 6, 2022

Happy 2022 farm friends! 🎉

Let's start this year with a sale on bones! Why? Because no matter what you're doing this month, it's Bone Broth time!

"Good broth will resurrect the dead." - South American proverb

If you've been with us for awhile you may know that I love to use January to hit the reset button and have a Healthy Start to the year: clean food only, no alcohol, some year's no sugar, etc. 

I do really well too, for a month - but I seem to be an all-or-none type of person (and struggle to deal with stress in a non-food way) so carrying the clean eating habits all year hasn't happened yet. 

Why I don't keep up with eating well all year is a mystery since I feel so frickin' great?!

One theory is that I'm doing it alone surrounded by a family that is not. 

And cooking meals for one family is a heck of lot easier then making multiple meals every day (especially with picky eaters involved). 

So, exciting news!!! For the first time EVER the family is eating clean too! 

What does eating clean mean for them? 

Well, we decided to leverage some science instead of whatever mom had on my radar screen so we knew we were at least not doing harm and were working with our individual needs. So we had food allergy blood testing done and at least one of us has an allergy to: barley, garbanzo beans, beets, blackberries, coconut, cranberries, egg yolks and whites, flaxseed, kale, kiwi, lemon, goat's milk, cow's milk, mustard, pistachios, oats, peanuts, black and white pepper, green peppers, pineapple, safflower, chia seed, hemp seeds, black tea, tomatoes, vanilla, wheat, bakers and brewer's yeast.

So, we aren't eating those things. Basically it's like an Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) since nightshades (tomatoes), eggs, wheat and dairy are on there.

We are going for a minimum of 30 days and then we'll decide what to do (add things back in one at a time, retest, keep going, etc). Hopefully we will make this a winter of learning about how food impacts our bodies & minds. Stay tuned! 

I never really thought the whole family would jump in and really do this - but they are! Seriously, this is so exciting! I'm also being careful so that the pre-teens/teens don't feel like this is so much deprivation as it is maximizing benefits and really understanding the role food plays in their physical & mental health.

Wanna know what's even crazier though? No eggs or cow's milk means we are having to tread in the vegan world when it comes to finding bread recipes we can make. 😂 This is NOT an April Fool's joke - I really am printing vegan recipes. 

But! The biggest pillar of this clean way of eating is, of course, the world's best meat (nutrient-dense, easily digestible & bio-available) which is conveniently located right on our farm. 

I've got a pot roast in the slow cooker as we speak and all I did was throw this all together and turn it on Low: 

The family is now more fluent then ever when it comes to reading labels (eggs, black pepper and yeast are in EVERYTHING!) and one place things really love to hide is in broth. 

Fortunately, broth is one of the easiest things to make yourself: throw some beef/pork/lamb/chicken/fish bones and water in the slow cooker or IP and come back when you're ready. 

Of course, you can make it more complicated than this and I do have a Bone Broth Recipe here with slow cooker, stove top and IP cooking instructions in addition to some fun flavoring suggestions, but SIMPLE is the name of this game! 

Why is it so great? Bone broth is full of collagen, gelatin, amino acids, and many minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which means that it is nutrient-dense (and bio-available in an easy-to-digest form!) and can positively benefit your joint health, gut & immune health (remember 80% of our immune system is in our guts), and skin health. 

And all the goodness of this magical elixir is practically FREE!!! That old "time versus money" thing but if you've got a slow cooker, you've got the time - NO EXCUSES! 

Since we are basically simmering a bunch of bones to get all the good stuff out of them, it would be logical to start with bones that have the MOST GOOD STUFF in them possible. 

I believe so much in the power of a good broth for everyone that we put ALL OUR BONES ON SALE!! 

Your grandma agrees with me too - what would she give you if you got sick? Chicken soup! 

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to put the chicken feet on sale - throw a couple of those in for good measure or if getting your broth to gel is a problem for you. 


Check out our Healthy Start page we put together to help you kick-off 2022 as the healthiest year yet!

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So, I'd love to know - are you doing anything special this January??

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Have a great day & the best year ever!

Your farmer friend,

Stephanie Schneider

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