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Burger Night 2022 Music Lineup

February 12, 2022

The music line-up for 2022* is beyond fabulous!! We really couldn't be more excited for this year. Solos, duos, trios, bands, bluegrass, country, rock, pop, originals - everyone is bringin' it! 🎵❤

Is there anyone you can't wait to see and are marking on your calendar? 

I tagged everyone's fb pages on our page so you can learn more about them and start planning now (and follow them! some of 'em are not getting the love they deserve!). 

May 7: The Woodland Spring

May 14: Josh White

May 21: Rachel JaneMusic

May 27: The Driftless Revelers

May 28: Brian Bethke Music

June 3: Sean Jordan

June 4: John Gay

June 10: Bo Allen

June 11: 7000apart

June 17: Nick Anderson

June 18: Glen Everhart Acoustic Loop Artist

June 24: Blaine and Leah Howard

June 25: Tommy Bentz Band Tommy Bentz

July 1: Nick Hensley and the Love Songs For Angry Men

July 2: Brian Bethke Music

July 8: MoeDeLL

July 9: Beyond the Trees - Music

July 15: Zakk Grandahl Music

July 16: Glen Everhart Acoustic Loop Artist

July 22: Tommy Bentz Band Tommy Bentz

July 23: Sean Jordan

July 29: Joyann Parker

July 30: Cole Allen

Aug 5: Elijah Adam Music / The Luck Band USA

Aug 6: Nick Anderson

Aug 12: Ready SETH Go

Aug 13: Benjamin Raye

Aug 19: Blaine and Leah Howard

Aug 20: Kelsey Miles

Aug 26: Severio Mancieri Music

Aug 27: John Gay

Sept 2: Betty Danger

Sept 3: The Woodland Spring

Sept 10: Nick Hensley and the Love Songs For Angry Men

Sept 17: Josh White

Sept 24: the foxfire affair

Oct 1: Ready SETH Go

Oct 8: Amelia Ford Music

Phew! See why we're excited!? 😍

If you go to Together Farms Event page, there are fb events for every date with the musician's info in the About section and if you mark interested/going then fb will remind you, time has a way of flying, speaking of which.....

Only 84 more days until live music is back on the farm - I don't know if I can make it! 

*tentative and subject to change - watch for our weekly posts once we're rockin' and rollin'!

Stephanie Schneider

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Feb 10th, 2022

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