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Expanded & Better Shipping!! 🎉

March 13, 2022

It's taken years but we are finally ready to take our shipping up a notch! We are now shipping through UPS and that means we can add a LOT more zip codes!! 

If your zip starts with these 3 digits then you're in:

  • 498-499
  • 520-521
  • 535-560
  • 563
  • 463-464
  • 493-496
  • 500-503
  • 505-514
  • 522-534
  • 561-562
  • 564-566
  • 570-572
  • 580-581
  • 600-616
  • 635

Or, for the visual learners, if you are in yellow or brown - get ready for delivery right from the farm! Pasture-to-Plate has never been so easy!

If you are still out, reply to this email with your EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT to let us know we need to take the next step a little faster. 

Now, I needed to clear out all the existing zips and completely redo our logistics for this so I expect some hiccups (again, I took all the wrong classes in college) - please reach out right away if you find any glitches. 

A special note to Minnesota: We will now be shipping all your boxes through UPS so if you experienced hiccups with SpeeDee in the past (seriously, what goes on in St. Cloud??) - that's a thing of the past. Yipee!

We are also working on improving our shipping boxes themselves so you might see a few changes with that too as we go.

Thanks you for your continual support!


Stephanie Schneider

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