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Get to know farmer Andy!

November 11, 2021

Ever wonder who’s behind all of the work that makes Together Farms run? It’s time you meet Andy, our farmer, carpenter, and father extraordinaire!

Yes, the secret to our tasty and nutrient-dense meat is lots of fresh air, sunshine and pasture, but someone needs to make that all happen and that someone is Andy. He’s the one out in the pasture every day, getting his hands dirty (literally!) making sure our animals get what they need to be healthy and happy. Their comfort comes before his own.

Andy is also exceptionally skilled at carpentry. He started swinging his first hammer when he was 18 and he couldn't stop. In fact, he started his own business, Farmstead Woodworking, in order to be able to work the farm and still build beautiful houses for people. He’s in such high demand that we haven’t done any marketing for Farmstead Woodworking (or finished our own trim), but you can always reach out directly if you have a project!

So that’s Andy, a man of many talents, who knows our land and animals better than anyone else.

One reason he probably gets so much done is that he’s not on any social media, so then you just have to remember that his birthday is this Saturday, November 13th!

And don’t forget, order by Sunday for pickup or delivery next week!

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