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Meet The Farm Pups!

posted on

September 4, 2019

If you've joined us for Burger Nights here on the farm then you've probably wondered how many dogs we actually have and what their names/breeds are! One of our most asked questions is what breed is Mr. Fluffypants (the big black and white dog)? Well we wanted to introduce you to our four dogs so you can call them by name the next time you visit the farm! Each dog has their own unique personality, which you will find out if you come meet them in person!The number 1 question I get is what breed is Mister Fluffypants? Mister looks smaller than he really is in this picture, but when he jumps on my shoulders he's taller than me. Mister is half Great Pyrenees (Miley is his mom), 1/4 Great Dane and 1/4 Newfoundland...possibly the best dog combination in the whole wide world!! Mister can usually be found following me around, but will also become your best friend during Burger Night if you've got food in front of you! Miley (Mister's mom), the Great Pyrenees, is all work. I will never not have a Great Pyrenees - fiercely loyal (once they attach to you, which we most definitely have btw, but it wasn't always that way), completely independent (they truly believe they can protect you better than you can protect yourself so good luck trying to get them to do something they consider "incorrect" for your, or their, wellbeing), trustworthy and, of course, full of love. There's a funny story why she isn't in with the sheep anymore - ask and I will tell. Immy the Red Heeler, is the one that will jump all over you when you get out of your car and then probably jump in your car before you have even figured out what is going on...because you are probably looking at Mister Fluffypants and wondering what kind of dog he is. She absolutely loves tormenting the big dogs, once she's done with you, and is super happy to chase, er, herd?, anything that needs it...or doesn't!!! Sorry chickens and kitties. She's still a puppy so we thought it might be a phase but that's not the feedback we are receiving from others with heelers. Probably best if you don't ever wear white out to the farm. :) Last, and kind of least, is Winnie the Weiner Dog. Someone, who shall remain nameless, won't allow the big dogs in the house, Immy never stops running and the girls no longer need me to hold them 24/7 so we got Winnie! She's just perfect. Best yet, when she's all snuggly on my lap I have the perfect excuse as to why I can NOT get up and do all the things...."but look at how happy Winnie is..."

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