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January 30, 2022

It's week #4 of our 4 week January series to start 2022 off healthy and it's time to talk about convenience! 

Last week we talked about money and I could hear some of you yelling at me with your minds that money isn't the problem, time is. 

If we want to change our habits, like the way we eat, we have to be able to incorporate it into our lifestyle.

Today I want to show you the time savers we have available to you and that we've put on sale to help you feel confident in trying some new things (or stocking up if you already know).

But first, I have to mention this quote that really slapped me in the face the first time I heard it a few years ago. 


This might sound pretty dumb to some of you, but did you know you have a choice?

If I looked at your financials right now and watched you for a week to see where your time was being spent - what conclusions would I come to?

It's a little bit of a scary thing to reflect on (the unexamined life isn't worth living concept comes to mind) but if you've never done this, it might be a worthwhile exercise to audit your thoughts vs. your actions: 

Are the things you tell yourself you value, the things that get your time and money?

Again, might sound dumb to some but 15 years ago I would not have realized that house payments and car payments are optional. 

In our system it can be easy to mindlessly go with the flow and let life just happen to you and that's what we did for a long time.

Andy worked hard while I got the degrees and a job in my field of study (bonus points!), we bought a house, had 2.2 children and we were on our way to living happily every after (right 🙄) until we realized that we actually had some say in what we were spending our time and money on so now I am proud to say that we have a hot wire instead of a white picket fence. #lifegoals ha!

I know you are above average but just for comparison's sake, the average American spends their "leisure" time like this: 


Please don't feel guilty if you aren't where you want to be (I'm not!). I'm just asking if you've thought about it (is 3 hours watching programming what you want??) and if you've created ways to get to where you are spending your oh-so-precious time on the things that you value the most.

One thing I value is love and love requires time to be spent building those relationships and I have found that food and eating together is one way to nurture love. Spending time writing these emails to you is another way I show love. 😍

Of course, I also value health (can't do much lovin' when you're 6 ft under!) and so what a perfect thing Together Farm's offers: health-promoting food for you or to share with those love! 

This did not all come together by accident but by making conscience choices to move toward what we value with the resources available. 

The farm's bank account and employee time clocks would show that we very much value YOUR time and creating convenience for you: 

  • We have the online website to make shopping easy
  • We provide delivery to your door to make getting it easy
  • We keep investing to grow more so we can keep the store stocked for you. Ground beef and bacon....I know, I know, see below for product updates....
  • We work really hard to communicate with you enough, but not too much.
  • Heck, in the summer we even cook for you! :) 

So to help you make eating well the easy choice, we've put our "convenience" items on sale for you to try - you can curate your own little bundle o' convenience this week:

Most convenient of all for mealtime are our ready-to-cook Meals, unfortunately, inventory is very low, but we will be restocked in about a week, watch for next week's newsletter update. Since those are mostly gone, we put our eCookbooks on sale so you can make the meals yourself.

And thus concludes January 2022 - hopefully Together Farm's was able to help you crush your goals and now incorporate them into your life as healthy habits. If not - what can we do? 

Yes! Save me time & deliver Good Food to my door!

Wishing you health & happiness!


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