TF Gift Card: $10

TF Gift Card: $10

Let them decide!

**PLEASE READ: Delivery fees will be removed after your order is received but prior to your card being charged, redemption codes will be emailed to you. If the amount is below the order minimum, choose "Farm Pickup" as your delivery preference.**

What would they appreciate the most? Meat? Meal Kits? Burger Night? Ebooks? Maybe you want to get them everything but then you'd be spending too much? Maybe you aren't sure what flavor they would most want or how many would be perfect? Maybe you really want to get them some meal kits but you don't want to ask which one they would like the most because then the surprise would be lost? Or, perhaps you know they want to come to Burger Night or one of our Cooking or Freezer Meal Workshops so the gift card would be perfect and help defray the cost a little? Now you can leave the decision-making to them! 

Still want to physically give them something? Make it extra special and give the gift card inside one of our high-quality reusable tote bags

We can also mail them a physical gift card inside of a Thank You card or blank card - simply tell us the inscription and address to mail it to in the order comments.

Cards are available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 increments. If you'd like to give them more or a different amount, simply combine! You will be emailed a redemption code after your order has been processed that you can give them to use online. You will not be charged any shipping charges. 

Thank you so much for sharing your love of Together Farms!

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