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Beef Tallow, 32oz

Beef Tallow, 32oz

When we created The Lady May and May’s Market, it was to bring scratch food to our customers, with as little processing before we touch the ingredients as possible, so there was only one way we were going to cook or fry food and that’s with Grass Fed Beef Tallow.

We slice Beef Shank daily and render the fat. Just like Grandma use to do. We use the Tallow for all our cooking and frying needs. Sautéing vegetables, frying fish, potatoes, eggs, you name it. Beef Tallow is as versatile as it gets! After using it in our restaurant for years we decided to add it to our May’s Market and start telling our customers about it. We LOVE Tallow. We love to cook with it and we really love it whipped as a moisturizer.


100% Grassfed Beef Tallow
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