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Slow Pig DIY Meal Kit  Bundle

Slow Pig DIY Meal Kit Bundle

Slow Cooker & InstaPot Lovers!! FREE Ebook!

Pastured pork Slow Pig DIY Meal Kit Bundle.

Do you love your slow cooker or InstaPot? We now have lots of bundles just for you (see the bundles page)! Or, maybe you received an InstaPot as a gift and you are just starting to learn? No matter what, you've come to the right place! You can definitely eat well and NOT be a slave to the kitchen, especially when you do smart things like buy bundles and ebooks that will help you have the time and money to be your best you! Check it out: 

1 Pork Roast (~3.5#)

1 package of Pork Spare Ribs (~2.5#)

2 packages of Pork Chops (4 chops total, ~2.2#)

1 package of Smoked (or plain) Hocks (~1.5#)

1 FREE eCookbook with a recipe for each cut! Recipes are different from all other ebooks.

With our eCookbooks you will get the recipes, a make sheet (to make the day you prep super flipping between recipes!), labels that are ready to print (no unlabelled mystery bags in the freezer!), and a grocery shopping list in excel that you can edit based on the meals you want to make (no going through a pre-set grocery list to manually delete what you don't want or add what you want more of, just type in how many of each meal you'd like to make and hit print!). Then sit back and enjoy all the last minute running you didn't have to do, dishes you didn't have to wash and time you got back!

Our happy heritage pigs are all raised organically on pasture....the way nature intended! 

Due to weight variability bundle final weights are adjusted by the bundle's discounted $/lb to match the actual final product weight.

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