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MASA Cobanero Tortilla Chips, 5oz

MASA Cobanero Tortilla Chips, 5oz

Who needs artificial flavors for snacks to taste good? MASA Cobanero is a spicy yet savory chip delicately balanced with only pure ingredients straight from organic (or better) farms. No lactic acid, "nutritional yeast" (aka MSG), or maltodextrin here--

Instead, you'll find real spices like Cobanero chili, a little-known cultivar that dates back to the Mayans. Grown with ancient methods in a single region of Guatemala, it brings the perfect combination of heritage and heat to our first spicy flavor.

Perfect on their own, or use as a great base for nachos or other spice-forward meals. Of course, there are no seed oils ever.

Organic Corn

  • Almost all corn grown in America is sprayed with harmful pesticides, which aren't good for you or the environment.
  • Our corn is organically grown by small regional farmers, resulting in a chip that is good for both you and the planet.


  • To make tortillas the traditional way, you need to turn corn into masa harina using an ancient Central American process called nixtamalization.
  • Our tortillas are nixtamalized naturally, the same way the Aztecs did it. This makes the corn easier to digest and the nutrients more bio-available.

Grass Fed Tallow

  • There are many oils you could make chips with, but only one option stands above the rest: grass fed beef tallow.
  • We use tallow because it's delicious, non-inflammatory and full of fat soluble vitamins. Traditionally used by the best chefs for 100s of years, it is completely natural and unprocessed.
  • MASA is the first and only tortilla chip fried in beef tallow, and the proof is in the crunch.


Organic Corn, 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Redmond Real Sea salt, Onion, Paprika, Lime, Tomato, Beetroot, Purple Stripe Garlic, Chipotle Chili, Cobanero Chili, Ancho Chili, Habanero Chili
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