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Discounted Beef, Lamb, Pork or Chicken Cuts

Discounted Beef, Lamb, Pork or Chicken Cuts

Imperfect cuts with a perfect price tag

30% off!

Save $0.00 /lb.
$25.00 /lb.
$25.00 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Sometimes things happen - the wrong label gets put on, the package loses it's seal, we decide to discontinue a product or we just don't like the way it looks 🧐, so then it goes into our bargain bin and gets marked down 30% from it's original price. 

For every $25 added to your cart we will do our best to get as close to $25 worth of items as we can (after their 30% discount is applied of course), probably 2ish pounds of meat, depends on what it is. 

All the products are completely safe to eat (and, quite frankly, this is almost the only meat we eat - "girls, go see what's in the bargain bin for supper this week.")

Why get these "imperfect" cuts? 

  • It's a fun way to try new things!
  • Helps us keep the freezer organized
  • A good way to feed large appetites on a budget (cough*teenage boys*cough)
  • Stuck in a rut? Use it to challenge yourself & force some variety into your life. 
  • Doing keto, paleo or carnivore? This is for you! 
  • Use this to get to FREE/reduced delivery when you aren't sure what else to get!
  • Do it for Fido! Use these cuts to supplement your furry friends diet (or check out or Organs & Bones bundle).

We are happy for guidance - hate lamb? Let us know! However, we won't be able to accommodate specific product item requests as the items are constantly changing. 

We will "do the math" in your invoice notes so you can see how we came up with the final number. 

For example, if you order 1 quantity you may end up getting:

  • an open package of ground beef (discounted from $11.45/lb to $8.01/lb) + 1 lb of pork chops ($10.85 instead of $15.50) and we will charge you $8.01+$10.85 = $18.86. 
  • a 3lb pork roast for $23.63 instead of $33.75. 

Have no fear, NO soup bones or organ meats will be in this grab bag.... unless you tell us you DO want some. Otherwise, check out our Organs & Bones bundle and stock up on nutrient-dense goodies there. 

Worried about what we'll pick? Come to the farm and pick them out yourself! 

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