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Discount Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken Grab Bag

Discount Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken Grab Bag

Doing keto or carnivore? This is for you!

30% off!

Save $0.00 /lb.
$15.00 /lb.
$15.00 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Pastured pork & chicken and 100% grass-fed beef and lamb discount grab bag.

A fun way to try new things! What you get is a surprise so it might feel like a little like your birthday! :) 

Typically, these are items that have lost their vacuum seal and then we encourage you to treat them like they are paper-wrapped and use them quickly.

We discount cuts in this grab bag by 30% off their regular retail price and we will "do the math" in your invoice notes.

For example, if you end up getting an open package of ground beef it will be discounted from $11.45/lb to $8.01/lb or pork chops will be $10.85 instead of $15.50.

To purchase $15 or less worth of product order one pound, $15-29 order two, $30-44 order three, etc. We'll do our best to get close to the total dollar value in your cart, so we will pay attention to total final price, you will likely get more poundage.

We will do our best to accommodate special requests but note that inventory does change weekly.

Have no fear, NO soup bones or organ meats will be in this grab bag.... unless you tell us you DO want them. You can get bones and organs at a really phenomenal price this way (we almost always have some in inventory so just put a note in your order comments). 

If you come to the farm, a sampling of these items can be found in a basket in the chest freezer.

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