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Together Farms

Grass-fed Beef, Burger Nights, and Much More!

We raise nutrient-dense, 100% grass-fed beef & lamb, and pastured pork organically, and without any weird stuff, on our Wisconsin family farm. Try our meal kits and recipes for dinner inspiration. And with seasonal events, like summer Burger Nights and Dinners on the Farm, you can experience a true farm-to-table meal.

Food that fits your life.

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Order for Delivery or Pickup

We offer pasture-raised meats, meal kits, and farm-fresh local products—all for weekly home delivery or farm pickup. That's right, every week. Take your pick!

Shop On The Farm

Order by Sunday for pickup at our Mondovi, WI farm on Wednesday or Saturday (12pm to 6pm). Or stop by to browse and shop without ordering ahead.

Local Home Delivery

We deliver to parts of Eau Claire, Chippewa, Trempealeau, and Dunn Counties. Order by Sunday for delivery on Monday. Learn more.

Spee-Dee Shipping

We offer Spee-Dee delivery for the rest of Wisconsin, as well as these states: IA, IL, MN, NB, ND, SD. Order by Sunday for delivery by Thursday.

Farm Events

Farm Events

Chef Dinners on the Farm

Goodbye farm-to-table, hello farm-and-table! Enjoy a multi-course, seasonal and farm-inspired meal cooked on-site by local gourmet chefs. Each course is perfectly paired with local wine or beer. Come prepared to eat good food, drink well, and be in good company, all the while surrounded by the green pastures and rolling hills of our farm in Mondovi, WI.


Summer Burger Nights

Thousands join us every year for gourmet burgers made from 100% grass-fed beef, straight from our Wisconsin farm. Enjoy live music, local beer and wine, kid areas, animals, and tons of fun!

Don’t miss our 2021 Grand Opening Weekend April 29 - May 1. We were voted one of the Top 3 Best Food Events since we’ve opened. Come by this Summer (May through October) on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to experience the best burger you’ll ever have on a farm.


Farm Tours & Workshops

We frequently host workshops, farm tours and on-farm events to build community, relationships and trust. We offer farm tours at 2 pm every Saturday June - August. Join us! You might even learn something!


What's New

December 2, 2021
You asked, we answer: is Together Farms a restaurant or a farm? Lucky for you, the answer is… BOTH!

Fresh Recipes

August 3, 2021
Use Together Farms chuck roast to put a latin flair on Midwest meat. Pair this juicy, slow stewed Cuban Beef with riced cauliflower, regular rice, or quinoa. Cozy up with this sweet yet savory comfort food. Cumin and smoked paprika are the stars of the show, adding a deep, smoky flavor and exotic spiciness. Tomato paste and beef broth help catch all of the seasonings, and create a sauce for the Cuban beef to cook in. The sauce is oh-so-delicious and great for spooning over the cauliflower rice. Pan-fried plantain slices would also compliment this Cuban dish. I hope you try this recipe for your family!

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Food That Fits Your Life

Get to Know Us

The hardest part is done! You found a farm family you can trust to raise good food for your family. Together Farms is a regenerative farm, meaning we are working to improve our land, community, and personal health via happy animals and healthy soil. We raise 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and pastured-heritage pork, all processed without any weird stuff. 

Our animals are born and raised humanely on our farm in the beautiful hills of Wisconsin near Mondovi. We never use any weird chemicals or feed the cattle or sheep grain. Only grass/clover, minerals, apple cider vinegar, and some essential oils with non-GMO feed to supplement the foraging pigs.

About Our Practices

Wisconsin pastured animals

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Work with Us!

We’re always looking for staff to help during Burger Night including: Dishwashers, kitchen crew, bartenders, order takers and landscapers.

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