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Locally-sourced, free-range and pasture-raised chicken and eggs from Amanda's Eggs & Poultry in Tilden, WI. No antibiotics, no drugs. Order online today for farm pickup or local delivery.

Locally-sourced from Amanda's Eggs & Poultry

Free-range in open pastures. No antibiotics, no drugs. Amanda's Eggs & Poultry is just a half hour north of Together Farms, where they respectfully raise chickens for meat and eggs in a truly free-range and cage-free way.

Amanda's poultry is produced outside on grass and moved daily (in winter the egg layers are housed cage-free and in a barn) with a feed supplement of corn/soy. Pasture-raised poultry produces better quality meat because of the sunshine, grass, and access to the earth. They are processed, USDA inspected and frozen for year-round availability.

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