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100% Wild Alaskan Fish

Wild fish sustainably caught from the pristine waters of Dutch Harbor in Alaska's Bering Sea by a Wisconsin fisherman! "The healthiest fish on the planet." - Mark the fisherman. He's right - some of the absolute best food you can eat is RIGHT HERE!!

Alaskan Fish Sampler Bundle

Unsure which fish to get? Try 1 of each! 🐟

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Great Lakes salmon is so polluted, you should only feed it to people you don't like and farmed salmon is even worse and should be avoided at all costs. Here you will find REAL FISH with NO: dyes, hormones, fillers, preservatives, soy, corn or crazy sad lives of captivity (wild salmon travel 2-10k miles). ALL processing and packaging is done in AK and it's frozen once while there and shortly after harvest. It's really not even worthy of comparison. Eat unlimited quantities of all this fish with NO fear, feed it to your children, eat the skin and for God's sake, lick the plate*. *all things we are warned not to do with farmed or Great Lakes fish.
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