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"Dog Gone It" Wool Balls, Set of 2

"Dog Gone It" Wool Balls, Set of 2

“Don’t give a dog a bone.....give them a Wool Ball”

  • Non-Toxic
  • Made for tough chewers
  • Backyard biodegradable
  • Hand Made in Canada with USA or Canadian wool

Wool Dryer Balls aren't just for people...

Dogs love them, too!

Is your dog stealing your wool ball? Get them their own!  Dogs are naturally attracted to the scent of wool and love the feel of it in their mouths.

These balls are made of tightly felted wool, so they are close to impossible to pull apart. Unlike with plastic or tennis balls, which can be dangerous when punctured, if your dog is clever enough to deconstruct their wool ball, there’s no need to worry. They only use undyed natural wool so there’s no harm to your best friend.

• Non-Toxic
• Made for even the toughest chewers
• Backyard biodegradable

Size is similar to a tennis ball. Gus steals our wool products to chew all the time so we finally got him his own! Your dogs are probably going to like them too! 

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