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Raw Carrot Kvass

Raw Carrot Kvass

12oz jar | Not available for shipping.

Probiotic, raw & enzyme rich!

Raw, tangy, fizzy carroty goodness! 

A beverage that supports your wellness through healthy digestion! Unpasteurized and full of enzymes and probiotic bacteria....you're going to have on healthy tummy! (And a thriving local farming community!)

Angelica's Garden is a local, 43 acre farm using ecological farming practices that meet and exceed organic farming standards. They grow beautiful, nutrient-dense produce that they hand-craft into deliciuos and healthful cultured vegetables, vinegar-pickles and tonics. Thank you so much for supporting local farms trying to do good things! 


Water (mineral rich & safety tested well water), carrots, apples, hibiscus & Himalayan pink salt. All grown on Angelica's ecofarm or sourced from organic farms. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, no GMOs, BPA-free lid.
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