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Rosemary + White Thyme Candle, 7oz

Rosemary + White Thyme Candle, 7oz

An herbal paradise with nuances of fresh rosemary, lemon, thyme and coriander misted with morning dew while hyacinth blossoms introduce a delicate floral aroma.

Hand-poured in Wisconsin

50+ hr burn time

What is the best way to burn a Farmers Candle Co candle?

The recommended burn time is 2-3 hours depending on the size of your jar. Be sure to trim the wick to 1/4" before each lighting to prevent the hemp wick from curling and creating the "mushroom" effect. Trim your wick with the pinch of your finger, scissors, or wick trimmer. Be sure to never leave wick trimmings, matches, or any other debris in the candle jar. Never leave a burning candle out of view.

What should I do with the glass container when I'm done with my candle?

Once your candle is burned down to 1/4" put the glass container in your freezer and pop the remaining tallow and beeswax mixture out. Once the wax mixture is removed wash your glass jar in warm soapy water, this will remove any left over wax as well as release the wick holder on the bottom of the jar. Once the container is completely cleaned out keep your pens in it to brighten up your desk space, hold make up brushes in it to spruce up your vanity, or plant a succulent to bring a little green into your life.


All Farmers Candle Co candles are made of a mixture of grass-fed & grass-finished beef tallow, beeswax, and a blend of essential oils and premium grade phthalate-free fragrance oils. They burn with a hemp wick coated in beeswax. They are entirely free of synthetic dyes, lead, paraffin, soy, and phthalates.
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