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Perfect for light eaters!
$14.00 /lb.
Avg. 8 oz.

Most of our sausages are packaged in 1lb packages and most of our steaks, chops, etc are 2 per package but sometimes there is not enough for the last package to meet the 1 lb or 2 count size so we end up with what we call "Shorts" - packages that are perfectly fine and the same in every way except they are short product.

Often these packages will be 2 brats (instead of 4), 1 chop, 1 steak, half a pound of Italian sausage or ground pork or ground beef. This makes them perfect for single folks or people with smaller appetites.

These products are not discounted but, of course, you are charged only for what you get so a half pound of something priced at $14/lb would be $7.

You can email to find out what we currently have in stock or you can let us know if you prefer beef or pork or if you are fine with a surprise!

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