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Simple Beef Bone Broth, 32 oz  (sugar-free, unsalted)

Simple Beef Bone Broth, 32 oz (sugar-free, unsalted)

As close as you can get to doing it yourself!

Want beef bone broth with substance that is made from 100% grassfed beef with no sugar, added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, yeast? Don’t want to spend hours making it? Let us do the hard work for you! Our new 100% Grassfed Beef Bone Broth can be your new go-to for sipping or for use in any soups or broth-based recipes. It’s delicious, nutritious and super-convenient! 

After Stephanie (TF owner) did Whole30 and got annoyed by having to constantly make her own broth, she decided the kitchen staff would take over this chore. Yeah, it's "simple" enough in all it's steps but it's also a long, drawn out process (ie, requires pre-planning) and it makes quite a few dirty dishes, especially after we all decided that roasting the bones and veggies first made a worthwhile difference. So, Steph's dislike for doing dishes means nutritious, clean broth for all!! 

Then, with the launch of our Meal Kit, we learned that black pepper was a common allergy our customers needed to avoid, so we created this very simple, but perfect traditional bone broth base. 

The broth comes frozen in a quart container, which is equal to 4 cups and is the same size of the boxes of water, oops, I mean "broth" from the store. 

Once thawed, broth may be stored in the refrigerator for 7-10 days and can safely be refrozen if you'd like to use just a cup or two at a time. 

Why do we think our broth is the best? 

  • 100% grassfed & finished beef bones direct from our farm
  • No added sugars
  • Slow-simmered for a minimum of 20 hours (= bioavailable and easily absorbed)
  • Variety of bones for a richer, more nutritious broth
  • No synthetic or added nitrates or nitrites, or other preservatives
  • Rich in collagen, protein, amino acids, and minerals
  • No MSG, dairy, soy
  • Gluten-free
  • Whole30, keto and paleo friendly
  • No yeast
  • Certified organic veggies
  • Cattle are never given antibiotics or added hormones - EVER
  • All cattle are born & raised right on our WI farm

Why is broth so great? 

In general, well-made broth from healthy animals will create an anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, skin-tightening, age-reversing and energizing drink. Nutrients like collagen, gelatin, minerals and amino acids helps people feel better and sleep better. It's as close to the fountain of youth as we can get. Specifically, the collagen and gelatin in bone broth has been known to: 

  • Aid in digestion & heal the gut lining (collagen can help enhance digestion, reduce gut inflammation, and support a healthy gut barrier)
  • Boost the immune system 
  • Heal arthritis and improve movement (collagen can help reduce swelling and joint pain and can even help rebuild cartilage and restore mobility in affected joints.)
  • Speed up injury and surgery recovery
  • Heal leaky gut syndrome 
  • Improve hair, skin and nail health (Hair feeling lifeless? Nails getting brittle? Skin wrinkling? Collagen is loaded with the amino acids your body needs to support healthier hair, skin and nails.)
  • Give you sustained energy throughout the day

If you are ready to get nutrition from whole foods instead of expensive synthesized supplements like glucosamine, glycine, proline and chondroitin, that may or may not be absorbed well by your body, try adding 3 cups of our broth to your diet every week and let us know what differences you are noticing after a month or so of use. We think you'll be pretty happy!


TF's 100% grassfed beef bones, roasted, Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar and water
with customization by Grapevine Local Food Marketing