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Bone Broth Kit

Bone Broth Kit

Stock up! Freezes very well!

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Deep nutrition via the easiest "cooking" ever.

What's not to love about bone broth? It's deeply nourishing, delicious, economical....not to mention the best anti-aging product around bringing you beauty from the inside out! 

Worried about how to make it? FREE recipes included that show you how to make it on the stovetop, in the slow cooker or in the Insta-Pot! It'll be the easiest "cooking" you have ever done. Seriously. 

Worried it'll make too much? Broth freezes beautifully - just leave room for expansion and you're all set. 

2-4 lbs Meaty Beef Soup Bones (will sub 2.5-5# knuckle bones if meaty bones out of stock)

2-3 lbs Beef Knuckle Bones

1 lb Chicken Feet

1 Recipe Card with 3 cooking methods for nourishing broth (slow cooker, stovetop and IP)

Skip the coffee & tea that takes more than it gives and try sipping on bone broth! (Flavored broth ideas included on the recipe card.) But one thing that sucks about sipping broth is when it starts to get cold so I ordered this mug warmer from amazon (I don't get anything if you order this fyi) so that my broth could stay hot and I could sip on it throughout the day. Highly, highly recommend! 

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