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Farm Club Meat Box: Small, Beef & Pork

Farm Club Meat Box: Small, Beef & Pork

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The Small Farm Club Box will include 9 lbs of assorted Together Farms cuts including steaks and premium cuts that we customize just for you! 

Save money, save time and get exactly what you love. 

This Farm Club Box does NOT ship free. However, you will be reminded that you have a box shipping out and you may add additional items to get to the $150 mark before the deadline (midnight Sunday) and then it WILL ship free. 

This box could also be combined with the Meal Kits Box to get free shipping and to get meat AND meals at the best price. Then you'd have great meat and good-for-you meals at your fingertips and meal planning would be a snap.

Only order once!

After we receive your initial order we will email you a google form to chose the meats you prefer and to tell us a little bit about your family, how you like to cook, and your favorite types of cuts. You can fill this form out as much or as little as you like. 

NO COMMITMENTS! You are free to pause skip or cancel at any time but as a courtesy, we ask you commit to at least 4 shipments over 1 year.

By ordering this box you will be added to our email list and get email reminders that a box will be arriving the first week of every month. You can simply respond to our email reminder to pause or skip but if you do not reply your box will be sent and your card on file will be charged. Remember, this is a monthly subscription or auto-ship option, it is not weekly (so you won't be bombarded by emails or overwhelmed with shipments). 

You can always make special requests for certain types of cuts for special events, seasonal cooking, etc., the boxes are flexible.


Our Community Supported Ag (CSA) model has been evolving over the years. It started as a very rigid model with way too many choices required upfront, then we went to our Meat Membership Cards which were basically prepaid debit cards and they had their own inherent flaws and now we have finally landed on a model that we think will work really well for everyone! 

Since starting the freezer meals and slow cooker kits it became very apparent, very quickly, that they would do best as a subscription because the people that most need them have the least time or interest in remembering to order them and we were too restricted time-wise to have a huge stock of them always available in the store. Now the stars have aligned and we have staff and product that will be dedicated to fulfilling these orders. 

If you've been a fan of Together Farm's for some time, you know that we tend to sell out of popular products very quickly. By joining the Farm Club you will automatically be sent an assortment of cuts that includes premium products that typically sell out quickly. This allows us to essentially reward our most dedicated customers and not burden them with needing to always be watching for things to come back in stock or having to order or be stressed about remembering to order asap. Thank you for sticking it out with us and helping us grow - now we've got your back! We got you....as the kids say. :) 


Joining the Farm Club is perfect for anyone that would be okay with doing one less thing or not having to remember to order, for people that love our products but every time they finally get to the store the products they most love are sold out, for people that want to trust and feel confident in where their meat is coming from, for people that tried the weekly meal delivery services and found them deficient or overwhelming in some way but still really do need help with cooking and for anyone looking to get great meat and premium cuts at a discount! 

We are offering very limited subscriptions so we are sure to not sell out of the most desirable products. If we sell out before you join, let us know you're interested by sending an email to stephanie@togetherfarms.com and we'll put you on the waiting list (no commitments, just for notifications).

To learn more and see FAQ's go HERE

Example of a Small Farm Club Box with both beef and pork requested for a family of 4 that also eat breakfast: 

  • Bacon (1lb)
  • Pork Chops (2 pkgs - 4 chops)
  • Ground Beef (1.5 lb) 
  • 1 Beef Roast
  • T-bone Steaks (2 pkgs - 4 steaks)
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