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Coffee Clean Soap

Coffee Clean Soap

With Coffee Grounds and Activated Charcoal, the Coffee Clean soap makes sure no smells or grime stick around!

One of the most used soaps on the farm. You'll love it! A scrubby and deodorizing soap for use anywhere but if you've got dirty hands full of onion smell then this is the bar for you! Smell is a warm and spicy cinnamon and clove blend.

Order naked (no packaging) and save $1/bar!

*Shipping Note: If your order contains only non-perishable items (such as soap, lip balm etc.) shipping prices will be adjusted accordingly. Non-perishable orders will be shipped via USPS.


Lard, coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, lye (a little less then necessary is added to ensure it's all used up during the soap making process), pumice, coffee grounds, activated charcoal, cocoa, essential oils of cassia, clove and cinnamon.
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