Maple Syrup Pint

Maple Syrup Pint

For over 100 years our friends at Schlosser's Sugar Farm in Durand (just on the other side of Mondovi) have been tapping trees and making this delicious syrup! So if you're looking for a natural, local, sustainable sugar source or if you'd love to stop buying the stuff at the store that's basically just flavored high fructose syrup than look no further! 

Benefits to REAL maple syrup: 

  • contains up to 24 different antioxidants!
  • contains minerals like zinc, manganese, potassium & calcium!
  • lower glycemic index than sugar/corn syrup
  • better at fighting cancer than other sweeteners
  • can be used directly on your skin to hydrate and reduce inflammation
  • can improve your digestion - especially when small amounts are used as a substitute for artificial sweeteners, sugar or refined sugar
  • supports another local and small-family owned farm! 

See more benefits HERE.

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