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Raw Beet Kvass

Raw Beet Kvass

12oz jar | Not available for shipping.

Probiotic, raw & enzyme rich!

This Raw Beet Kvass is a based on the Eastern European and Russian tradition of culturing small grains or vegetables to create the drink called "Kvass". This version uses beets, apples and ginger creating an effervescent, tangy drink that promotes wellness and healthy digestion. We recommend 4oz of kvass as effective serving of probiotics in yoru daily diet. 

Angelica's Garden is a local, 43 acre farm using ecological farming practices that meet and exceed organic farming standards. They grow beautiful, nutrient-dense produce that they hand-craft into deliciuos and healthful cultured vegetables, vinegar-pickles and tonics. Thank you so much for supporting local farms trying to do good things! 


Mineral rich & safety tested well water, red beets, apples, ginger & Himalayan pink salt. All grown on Angelica's ecofarm or sourced from organic farms. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, no GMOs, BPA-free lid.
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