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Quarter Beef Bundle!

Quarter Beef Bundle!

Only 1 available now! + Free ecookbook
Freezer fillin' savings!
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A mixed quarter of a beef ready to mooooo-ve into your freezer!

If you've been waiting to get a 1/4 beef now is the time! We have this one extra 1/4 that is ready to be delivered next week!

This quarter was cut the "typical way" people have their quarters processed. All cuts are nicely labeled and vacuum sealed so the meat lasts indefinitely in a freezer (of course, that won't happen). 118 lb hanging weight so roughly 75 lbs of meat for the freezer (65% turned into cuts).

At ~$9.5/lb you're saving almost 20% just on the ground beef! Over 30% on roasts and well over 50% on the high-end cuts. You can't go wrong!

Not sure how you would use some of these cuts? No worries! You will also receive a copy of our Meat to Meals: Quarter Cow ebook FREE that walks you through each of the cuts and help you turn them into something delicious! 

Interested in custom processing your own beef or pork but you aren't interested in these cuts or aren't quite ready yet? You can save your spot in our Reservation Form with openings starting next month! All the pricing, weights, dates, etc are in the form, email with additional questions.

Local delivery is free but due to the discounted meat price, we do need to charge shipping: $40/box for shipping outside of Wisconsin and $20/box in WI (1/4 cow is usually 2 boxes).

Note that the picture is generic and is not specific to this quarter.

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