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Grassfed Sticker Shock?

Are you a new customer to grassfed, locally sourced meat? Having an issue with sticker shock? It is no secret that clean meat is more expensive than what you may be accustom to. That is where it becomes helpful to know your farmer (that's ME!) because we can help! OUR TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY WHEN BUYING CLEAN MEATTogether Farms offers a few ways to save money when buying our "no weird stuff" meat because we know that when you by cut by cut from us it can quickly add up. Instead, use some of these alternative ways to save yourself some money! Buy In BulkBuying in bulk saves you money over purchasing by the individual cut and allows you to customize your cuts (i.e. pick thickness, how many items are in a package, etc.). If you are serious about eating healthy, clean, "no weird stuff" meat on a regular basis this is a great way to go.Visit our Bulk Page to see our tips and tricks to get the most out of your bulk purchase.Purchase A BundleOur bundles allow you to get a perfect variety of cuts without committing to an entire quarter of an animal. If you are on a budget with limited freezer space but want to test buying in bulk on a smaller scale this is the way to go. It also eliminates all the options that come with Buying in Bulk (if that is something that intimidates you).Get Our Meat Membership CardAvailable in $200 and $500 values, the Together Farms Meat Membership Cards will save you 10% to 15% off on your orders of regularly-priced items.How It Works: Say you purchase our $200 Meat Membership Card, you will receive $200 worth of meat but will only pay $180 for it (equaling a 10% discount).You can use as much or as little of the $200 as you'd like during your transaction as you'd like. Every time you purchase meat we will deduct it from your Membership Card balance (which I track for you) and notify you of your remaining balance for future orders. Think of it as a pre-paid debit card.Buy Ground Beef By the CaseLooking only for ground meat? We recommend buying it by the case to secure the best possible price per pound.You can purchase Ground Beef and/or Ground Pork by the case.Refer Your FriendsOnce you sign-up for a Together Farms' Farm Store account, you can share your referral link with your friends to get FREE money to use in the farm store.Simply copy your referral link and send it to all your friends telling them how great our products are.Every time a new Farm Store customer uses your referral link for the first time they get $5 to use and you get $10!CONVENIENCE IS AN ADDED BONUSWith our NEW home delivery options not only is our meat clean and free of "weird stuff," it also is super convenient to get. Simply place your order via our online farm store by midnight on Thursday and receive your products right to your front door by the end of the following week! This weekly delivery option allows you to make Together Farms a simple part of your weekly meal planning.  HAVE QUESTIONSStill confused or need more clarification? We are here to help, in fact, we want to help! Give us a call or shoot me a text at 715.210.4740 or send me an email at stephanie@togetherfarms.com. 

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