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Ground Beef, 2 lb pkgs

Ground Beef, 2 lb pkgs

Largest package size!
$11.45/lb. Avg. 2.1 lb.
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100% grass-fed/grass-finished ground beef. Ground beef’s versatility makes it a staple in every household. Great for meat sauces, casseroles, burgers, meatballs, tacos, and more. The fat content tends to be around 90-95%, so it's definitely leaner than most other ground beef out there. To add more fat, melt some tallow in the pan before frying, or mix a little lard or ground pork in before shaping. 

"I’m telling you I’ve never had better ground beef in my life!! It amplifies the flavor of every dish with a rich beefy flavor; it has so much depth!" –Valarie R.

Ground Beef Recipes

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