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Split Pea Soup Meal Kit

Split Pea Soup Meal Kit

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Eat clean AND conveniently!! Our meat is smoked the old-fashioned way, with actual smoke in a smokehouse for a long period of time, no shortcut injections of smoke flavorings here! It’s a classic that is actually nourishing and full of good stuff, no hidden ingredients or mystery seasoning packets here!  Have a bag of split peas or maybe some bean mix sitting in the pantry? Get our health-promoting smoked hocks and/or ham in our store and whip up a batch of health-promoting soup for yourself!

Together Farm’s heritage pork is organically and humanely raised on pasture at Together Farms with no weird stuff added to the final sausages or products, all veggies are certified organic, spices and sauces are usually organic, with a few small exceptions that will be noted on the labels.

Together Farms: Making Meals Healthy & Easy


TF Pastured No-Weird-Stuff TF Smoked Ham, Split Peas, Carrots, Celery, Onion, Bay Leaf, Sea Salt, Black Pepper

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