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100% Grassfed Beef: Sugar-Free

Our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef spends their life on our small family-owned Wisconsin farm enjoying our diverse, fresh pastures, high-quality minerals, salt & apple cider vinegar, keeping them as healthy as can be so no added hormones, no antibiotics or steroids are needed. Butchering is done through an old-fashioned (think no-weird-stuff) Animal Welfare Approved (humane) butcher. This is about as good as it gets for the animal, environment, farmer and YOU! Order online today for wholesome & nourishing beef to be delivered right to your home: farm to fork! For amazing savings & simplicity that fits your life check out our Subscribe & Save option.

Ground Beef Organ Blend

EASY superfood swap!

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$21.95 /lb.
Avg. 12 oz.

Simple Beef Bone Broth, 32 oz (sugar-free, unsalted)

As close as you can get to doing it yourself!

How Our 100% Grass-fed Beef is Raised

Looking for actual grass-fed beef that is more than a label and is from a small, family farm you can trust? You found it! We are dedicated to providing customers like you with honesty and transparency.

Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised on our Wisconsin farm. We use Intensive Rotational Grazing, which means they are moved to new pasture every day. In the winter, they eat the pasture they couldn’t keep up with in the summer or hay we purchase from other local farms (no corn silage, oats, grain….just grass either in it’s fresh and growing form or in a dried form in the 6 months when grass doesn’t grow in these parts).

Our goal is nutrient-dense meat, so to achieve that, we give the animals a very diverse diet, high-quality free-choice minerals & salt at all times, and high quality apple cider vinegar (dosed right into their water every day). We also need our animals to be healthy and happy, so they are given access to fresh air, sunshine, and actual pasture.

Giving them all lots of room to roam allows them to use their natural instincts and behaviors - a cow can be a cow here! Just doing this prevents 99% of the problems that require pharmaceuticals or confinement in the conventional/factory world. So check out what we have - it's pretty hard to find this quality of product anywhere else! - and if there’s something you like, change the world and order today!

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